You have a choice in how you feel, every single day.

Do you feel empowered
in your life?

Are you living your life for everyone else?
Are you waiting on others to change so you can finally feel happy?
Do painful memories from your past seem to follow you everywhere?
Does everyone think you've got it together but really you're just trying to survive?
Is life just too hard?

I get it.

Feeling powerless was my experience for most my life. I’m in a much different place now, and I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to live this way. You *can* live a life that is happy – even joyful. I don’t have a magic wand or potion, but now I know that realizing your worth begins to shift your life to a better, happier place. I can help you begin to know YOU MATTER.

Read more about me and why I do what I do here.

so how do you get there?

I will lead the way for you.

  • Kelly & Bill Worcester, MA

    My boyfriend and I are middle aged, starting over, with each other. But we were having difficulty understanding where the other was coming from and communicating our age, let's just say, past marriages, relationships, and experiences left some baggage next to both of us. We were having a hard time...arguing a lot.

    The love and desire to be together were there for both of us but we were coming from different places, on different timelines, and we just didn't know how to make 'us' work. ONE session with Kimberley, and we began to see each other more clearly.

    Kimberley put us at ease, gave us the confidence - maybe permission - to talk about things in a meaningful way. She helped us open up. By being an impartial and insightful 3rd party, she was able to listen to each of us, reflect our thoughts and feelings in a way we both felt was true to our intentions, and in a way that was actually heard, considered, and understood by the other. Suddenly, this effective communication and listening lead to deeper, powerful conversation where we both felt heard, respected, and loved by each other. We learned so much, it was literally eye and heart opening.

    Now, we understand our needs as a couple and individually better, our communication has become more open and effective, and we are happier on a deeper more profound level than we thought possible. Investing the time proved to be the best decision we have made so far. The most amazing thing was Kimberley's sincere interest in helping us. She focused on the reasons we were there...Whether we needed only one session, or multiple sessions, the decision was and remains entirely up to us, and on our timeline. Her goal was simple, help us help ourselves. And she did.

    While we don't feel we need to keep regular appointments with Kimberley, it is great to know she is always their if one or both of us needs a tune up, has a question, or wants to talk to her about something completely different... Though it has been quite a while since our visit, the understanding and skills learned are just as effective today as they were on day one.

    And for any men reading this, on occasion, out of the blue, mine will still smile and say, "Remember when we met with Kimberley? It was worth every penny. I love you, baby!" Practically speaking, he felt like we both got what we went for and loved that we were not pushed into multiple sessions...unless we wanted them.

    I absolutely recommend Kimberley Bell,...Kimberley, if you are reading this, thank you!!!

  • Amy M.Massachusetts

    Amazing transformation" is close to how I felt after working with Kim. She was able to take what felt like an impossibly big blockage in my life and help me make it dissipate like sand in a stream. Kim was able to help me find ways to be more easy about myself, and her empathy and compassion made the work feel easy. I highly recommend Kim no matter what size or kind of issues you struggle with; she will help you find a way to make your life feel better.

  • KarenWorcester, MA

    Highly recommended!! My meeting with Kimberley had a lasting positive effect. I had initially wanted to seek help with a stressful work conflict situation. In addition I learned to trust my own intuition and make choices with more confidence. I feel less worried and stronger – not because the job situation magically went away but because I learned to face my own truth and feel power in that. I also feel that as I shifted my attitude I attracted more opportunities to my life. The meeting was similar to a counseling session but a very energized, healing one because she taught me to find my own truth and personal power, which feels amazing! I’m taking better care of myself and thinking clearly about my job situation instead of just stressing. I would highly recommend her work. She pointed me in the right direction and I’m so grateful for that.

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